Callaway Odyssey Putt Genie

£ 14.16

Callaway Putt Genie

Callaway Putt Genie is a great way to practice and improve your ball striking and roll with your putter.

The balls are designed in such as way as to weigh the same as a normal golf ball, so you get the proper feedback when striking the ball.

If you strike the ball with a closed club face the ball will roll away dramatically to the left, contra to this is you strike the ball with an open club face the genie will roll to the right. Hit it square and the ball will roll true and into the hole

The wider Putt Genie ball is slightly easier to roll, with the thinner Genie ball ibeing way more difficult to master, if your putter face is even slightly open or closed, you will hit the corner of the ball and it will go sideways!!

You can instantly self-analyse your putting and see if your face is open or closed by the direction the ball goes.

Ebay Description | Putting Training Aid (2 pack)

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