G-Rip ST-1 Putter Grip
  • G-Rip ST-1 Putter Grip
G-Rip ST-1 Putter Grip

G-Rip ST-1 Putter Grip

G-Rip ST-1 Putter Grip

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G-Rip ST-1 Putter Grip

The new ST-1 combines the current trend for oversized grips with a much straighter taper than is normally seen in a putter grip. The result is a grip that sits comfortably in the hands with no loss in feel or precision.

The ST-1 is bigger in the bottom half which helps to prevent the right hand from flicking or becoming quick at impact – commonly known as the “yips”. The bigger grip quietens the right hand encouraging a slow smooth release and much smoother putting stroke.

Weighing just 52g, the ST-1 features a polyurethane textured surface, with a nice tacky feel that is especially effective in damp or wet conditions.

The base is made from an extremely lightweight EVA compound with enhanced shock-dampening properties which serves to reduce vibration through the hands at impact, enabling high levels of feedback.

G-Rip understands that putting is all about feel and control. Your putter grip should be light so as not to create tension in the muscles in the forearms whilst feeling comfortable in the hands at the same time.

The ST-1 encourages a light grip pressure on the putter which in turn enhances both feel and control, encouraging a smooth stroke leading to better distance control, improved consistency and more holed putts.

The new ST-1 putter grip combines G-Rip’s innovative technology and use of high-performance materials to help golfers of all abilities introduce more feel into their short game and help lower their scores.

- Straight Putter grip with minimal taper
- Comfortable ’oversize’
- Shock dampening & PU tacky surface
- Weighs 52g
- High levels of feedback
- For golfers of all abilities
- Available in 4 two-tone colours


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