Super Stroke Flatso Putter Grip with CounterCore Technology

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Super Stroke Flatso Putter Grip with CounterCore Technology

Flatso™ Putter Grips feature a distinct pentagonal “Flatso” profile: a wide, flat front grip shape with five pronounced edges the Flatso™ Series has been refined to offer even better feel and feedback.

Golfers will know instantly if one of Flatso’s three unique sizes can make a major difference in their game. Just ask Jordan Spieth, a Flatso™ user who has trusted the grip for each of his three major championship victories.

- Flatso with CounterCore Technology
- Pentagonal profile promotes even grip pressure
- 50g backweight can be installed / removed easily
- Includes proprietary threaded cap for backweight
- Fine-tune feel and balance with backweight
- Patented ’No Taper’ grip design - promotes even pressure
- Additional weight can promote a more reliable stroke

Flatso 1.0 Ultra Slim
- Diameter: 1.10"
- Weight: 85g

Flatso 2.0 Mid Slim
- Diameter: 1.25"
- Weight: 52g

Flatso 3.0 Slim
- Diameter: 1.40"
- Weight: 60g

All Flatso series grips have a Length of 10.50" and a Core size of 0.580"

*Weight only reflects the actual weight of the grip without the weight of the countercore.

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