Brush T - Performance Golf Tees

£ 5.75

Brush T - Performance Golf Tees

The original performance brush tee from Brush-T. The bristles bend on impact almost eliminating all resistance, producing longer and more accurate drives

  • Available in a choice of 4 lengths:
      Blue '3-WOOD' tee - 52mm (2.0") - Perfect for most fairway woods.
      Black 'DRIVER' tee - 57mm (2.2") - Ideal for most drivers / lower trajectory shots.
      Orange 'OVERSIZE' tee - 62mm (2.4") - Suitable for most woods and drivers.
      Yellow 'XTra Long' tee - 62mm (2.4") - Suitable for the largest headed woods and  drivers.
  • Each tee is supplied in a storage case with ball marker.
  • Tee lengths given are the total overall length of the tee
Ebay Description| Blue, Black, Orange, Yellow + Mixed Packs

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