Pure2Improve Hexagon Agility Grid

The Pure2Improve Hexagon Agility Grid is an advanced version to a sports exercise classic.

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Pure2Improve Hexagon Agility Grid

The Pure2Improve Hexagon Agility Grid is an advanced version to a sports exercise classic. Agility Ladders are world-renowned pieces of training equipment, aimed to improve three key areas - Speed, Agility and Quickness. Agility Ladders also strengthen your joints, ligaments and tendons, however, the Hexagon offers you even more, in one, than just being an Agility Ladder.

What can a Hexagon Agility Grid offer me?

The Hexagon Agility Grid offers many benefits such as:

Improves Speed, Agility and Quickness: These three factors improve your athletic performance in other sports and activities, but also boost your fitness level for virtually any type of workout you do!
 Speed: your ability to move in one direction as fast as possible 
• Agility: your ability to accelerate, decelerate, and change directions
• Quickness: your ability to react or switch positions rapidly

Great For Heart Health: As the Hexagon Agility Grid can be used as an Agility ladder, it means you can perform drills that get your heart pumping and are a great form of cardio. Getting your heart rate up through cardiovascular exercise is a great way to keep your heart healthy and strong. The Centers for Disease Control recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of heart-pumping cardio per week; agility ladder training can certainly be a part of that!

Burns Tons Of Calories: Since agility ladder drills are a great form of cardio, they also burn mega calories! Agility ladder drills are considered a type of high-intensity interval training. By going “all-out” in short bursts of intense effort and then taking a brief pause, you typically blast fat and burn more calories than you would doing most lower-intensity, steady-state cardio activities. 

What can the Hexagon Agility Grid do that an Agility Ladder can't?

Different footwork routines - The Hexagon Agility Gride comes with durable linking clips which allow endless layout configurations, for all types of movement and sports practice.

Can be used as Hurdles - Due to the durable material, the prominent height and the durable clips. the Hexagon Agility Grid can also be used as hurdles, which engages different muscles, to that of an agility ladder, as well as provides a greater variety of exercises available to be carried whilst using the Hexagon Agility Ladder.

Can be used to perform the Hexagon Agility Test - The Hexagonal Agility Test is a measure of speed, agility and the ability to change direction while maintaining a sound balance.

The Hexagon Agility Trainer is easy to set up and pack away and store. On assemble, you simply stretch out the Hexagons into whatever position you'd like. This allows for more personalised workouts.


  • 6 Pieces 
  • Many variations are possible by arranging the rings in alternating patterns
  • Durable linking clips allow endless layout configurations
  • Provides the definitive test of agility, power, coordination and speed


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